An introduction…

Hello. My name is Romy. Welcome to The FootNote!

While you’re here, let me tell you a story…

It was three years ago; a friend and I were staying at a hotel in downtown Mexico City. It was 3:00am and we were talking about all kinds of things; somehow we ended up discussing books and our usage of them, how we should treat them and such. She grabbed her laptop, opened YouTube and showed me a video of a girl with curly hair and eyeglasses talking about annotating books. Her name is Ariel Bissett. That was the first BookTube video I ever watched and I promptly jumped into watching more of them. To discover a whole community of booklovers that voiced their thoughts and shared their experiences as readers thrilled me, and it inspired me and my friend to also add our grain of sand to this desert.

We began talking about bookish projects, about having a shared library, annotating our books, doing booktags and engaging in all kinds of celebrations of our love for books. We even brainstormed about setting up our own BookTube channel, with sections and all kinds of nice and fancy things.

Unfortunately, it stayed as several talks at night over cereal and ideas pinned on pieces of paper. We never got to do any of it. We still loved books and followed other booktubers and shared our reading experiences with each other, but it wasn’t the big project we were both hoping for.

She was braver than me and a few months ago she started her own BookTube channel. I was really proud of her and decided that I would also give it a try. An opportunity came up, I took it and uploaded my first (and last) video. You can look it up, it’s still there somewhere. But my fear of cameras, the rant I had to pull off (or the script), the recording with my iPod and a selfie stick, the editing and the simple thought of having to do it every. single. time was too much for me to bear.

But! My dear friend, ever so wise and practical and brave, created a blog. Things on the written word could be so much easier. No fear of staring at a tiny lens, worrying about the lighting or my dog barking in the middle of a recording, and not having to expose my shy and easily-embarrassed self, was a relief.

Hence The FootNote was born.

Consider this blog as a space for sharing my thoughts about books, reading and all things literature.

Consider this blog an actual footnote, a comment that interrupts politely into your reading… or you could downright skip it and proceed with something else.

Consider this blog as one more voice in the dissonant choir of thoughts that echoes through the clouds, both virtual and meteorological.

Consider me a person who loves books, someone who has dedicated most of her life to them and wants to know more about ’em. Someone who wants to hear from people who share this passion.

Consider me a friend. One that speaks in tiny letters at the bottom of the page.